The best 3.1 USB extension

Nowadays, most of people are using 3.0 USB instead of 2.0 USB devices. Nearly all computers are supporting the 3.0 USB to take advantage of the latest device which is 10 times faster than 2.0 device.

Using microphones and cameras, and other similar devices are presumed plugged. Commonly, all devices are coming with ports for USB due to which the setup and the compatibility are easier. Do you know that the maximum length that is approved for USB 2.0 is 16 feet but know for USB 3.0 it is 9 feet. What is meant by this? This means that all speakerphones, microphones, and cameras will need an extension for USB. 2.0 USB can be widespread up to cat-5 and the SIIG, ICRON, and other products are worked very well. Experience with USB 2.0 is actually being good since past. It is sadly said that People experience with USB 3.0 is not very good. 3.0 USB extensions have been failed due to many reasons including faulty chips, failed units and brittle cables made of fibers. So, what is the best 3.0 USB extension? To answer the best solution to this question, we have to go back to our true SDI means serial digital interface. It is analogous cabling. Many professional video audio engineers are returning to SDI-HD cable and utilizing an SDI-HD to USB shape digitizer for converting the signals into 3.0 USB at the electronics devices.

SDI cabling:

It is used for the past 30 years. It is also as Co-Ax cabling. It is very prevalent due to its good efficiency. SDI-HD to 3.0 USB shape digitizer or the capture cards is actually energized over the 3.0 USB connection they need to a Mac or a pc. Frame digitizers and capture cards are usually used for video production and live streaming. But now it is used for SDI-HD HDMI substance into World Wide Web-based video conferencing PC/MAC computers or software’s. As time passes, other means such as Ethernet cables like cat-6, 7 and cat-5 are used in high-quality films, transferring low latent periods and for software connections through virtual input. Unlike the serial digital interface, Ethernet cables are used to power up devices like PTZOptics conferencing cameras to Poe. Ethernet cables can likewise be utilized to control the many devices like zoom, tilt and PTZOptics conferencing cameras pan.

RTSP is assembled in many cameras such as PTZOptics. RTSP stands for real-time streaming protocol and NDI is the abbreviation for network device interface.  NDI is made by NewTek to make the communications better in good quality videos. The frame is accurate and is appropriate for shift in live streaming atmosphere.


As mentioned above, experience with 3.0 USB is not so good. Many professional video audio engineers are returning to SDI-HD. Nowadays, videotaping over IP is a big deal. Not only our time will be saved also our money will be saved. Ethernet cables will supply video, camera control, and power. So consider your choices and choose wisely.

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