Best AUX Cables Reviewed

  1. iXCC 3-ft Tangle-Free Male to Male 3.5mm:

This is the best and the shortest auxiliary cable on this list of best aux cables. IXCC offers great audio and promises to keep the distortion levels to the minimum through the gold platted connectors. Also it is a multi-use cable as it can be easily used with devices too. It is not only for car usage and you can pair it up with your Apple or Samsung devices, along with your MP3 players too easily. This 3-ft tangle free aux cable is the best pick for everyone who wishes to get great levels of audio flexibility while driving.

The metal connectors are long lasting which means that you don’t have to a new aux cable now and then. The jack is extremely flexible as it slim design makes it easier to fit into tighter spaces too. This is a major perk for this cable as many great aux cables fail to become the best due to their thick connectors. Furthermore, the fact that this is a tangle-free cable is amazing as tangled cables can be very frustrating. You also get a 2 year warranty; so what else would anyone look further for in an auxiliary cable?

The second best aux cable is the Anker 3.5mm premium cable and it is one of the most widely used and appreciate aux cables for cars. It is compatible with an array of devices which means that you can pair it up with your iPod, iPhone, laptop, Android devices and tablets too. The length of the cable is 4ft and the format is 3.5mm. The cable can easily reach the port, no matter where you are sitting in the car.

The connectors are 24k gold plated which ensure a very high quality, premium sound quality. These contacts are discovered in high end headphone brands like Bose. Moreover, the aux cable is highly long lasting which makes it a great cable to invest in. The connectors are also slim fit which means that they can easily fit into tighter spaces too.

  • AUX Cable iVanky 3.5mm:

The third spot is reserved by the iVanky cable and it deserves to be on this list for sure. The excellent compatibility of this aux cable is unquestionable as it pairs up with multiple devices. If you like your laptop’s playlist and you are bored with the music that is playing in the car; you can pair your laptop with the aux cable with ease. From Echo Dot to iPod or iPhones and laptops or notebook; iVanky is compatible with all devices.

The 15,000+ bend lifespan is one of the highest that any aux cable is offering right now in the market which certainly makes this one a winner. The pure copper shell promises to deliver a crisp and wonderful sound quality, without any distortions, that anyone can fall in love to.

  • Monster Cable AI 800 Mini-7:

If you have a lot of demands that you wish your aux cable could fulfill, then the Monster is certainly for you. It lets you listen to podcasts, listen to your favorite music or enjoy the radio through any media playing source that you want to. The conductors of this aux cable are dual balanced which offer a much enhanced audio quality. The cable is 7ft long and the contacts are gold plated which ensure great connection. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wishes for a flexible aux cable. Monster has it all for you!

  • Amazon Basics 3.5mm Male to Male Cable:

The two terms, Affordable and long lasting, sum up the Amazon Basics3.5mm aux cable the best. It is 4ft long and if you want a longer cable, then you can opt for the updated version which is 8ft. Amazon offers a one year warranty for the cable too and you can connect the cable with simply any media device easily. It is gold plated thus it offers a distortion free audio experience. Also the coiled design is lovable as it promotes a tangle free cable.

  • Poweradd Nylon Braided 3.5mm Cable:

Poweradd Nylon Braided cable has universal compatibility and the 35mm format makes it easy to pair it up with simply any media playing device. It has excellent and long lasting lifespan and the aluminum connectors ensure a smooth and friction-free insert of the cable with any device. The best part about Poweradd cable is that it comes with a two year warranty and offers you an incredible 24/7 customer service too.

  • Aux Cable Sync Wire Audio Cord-3.5mm:

This aux cable is a magnificent pick to make if you are looking for a reliable and long lasting cable which has a universal compatibility too. With a distortion free audio quality and a great design that fits easily; this is certainly a good auxiliary cable to get your hands on. The bend lifespan is 15,000+ which is wonderful. Also their customer service is outstanding which makes them easily reachable and trustworthy too.