Top Best USB-C Adapters 2019 For MacBook Pros and Laptop

Well when you are buying a laptop, then it is essential to make sure that along with the laptop you are provided with all the significant accessories for daily use. In all such accessories, we have USB-C adapter as well. This adapter is used for using the USB drives, external display as well as an Ethernet cable. You might need it for charging your laptop as well. Are you ready to buy some reliable and best quality of USB-C adapters? Here we are sharing a list of top best adapter in 2019 for you which you can use on your laptops or MacBook Pros:

Cellularize Right Angle USB-C adapter

This is an all-rounder adapter which you can quickly get at reasonable prices. This adapter has durable material construction where it is offering a maximum of two USB ports along with different other legacy options being part of it. It is slim sleek in designing where you won’t be finding any issues of taking it along with your laptop at different places. It offers two years of warranty. For extra durability, the adapter is covered with aluminum casing all around. This can be purchased here and on

Cellularize Extender Adapter

This has been one of the topmost recommended adapters in the market today. Although it is an expensive little bit, all in all, it offers an exceptional array of features. It makes you provide a wide range of ports that make it easy much for you to use it for your modern laptops as well as MacBooks. All the ports are spaced in a friendly manner. This can be purchased here and on

10ft Cellularize USB-C Cable Braided

The best feature of this C adapter is that it is attached straight away to your laptop device. It is superb thin in the overall designing that will let it connect with your laptop directly without giving any stress of dangling. It is perfect to be utilized for the MacBook’s as well as laptops. Additionally, it is also adjusted with a 3.5mm audio port which you won’t find on other adapters at all. This can be purchased here and on

Cellularize USB-C Adapter

This USB-C adapter is not just available at sensible price rates, but it is also solid in its performance level. Its charging power is around 100W. Although for some of the users, the lack of Ethernet can be a little bit irritating. But if you are already having the fastest access to Wi-Fi, then this product adapter is the ultimate option for you to purchase right now. This can be purchased here and on

Cellularize USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

Lastly, we have this fantastic adapter product manufactured by Apple. If you are a loyal user of Apple products, then having this adapter for your daily use is essential for you. It is available in cheap price rates with incredible performance features.

Well, this is all we have presented you with a complete list of some top quality and best USB-C Adapters 2019 for your laptop use! Pick the one that suits your requirements, daily needs and budget.

The Best 3.1 USB extension

Nowadays, most of people are using 3.0 USB instead of 2.0 USB devices. Nearly all computers are supporting the 3.0 USB to take advantage of the latest device which is 10 times faster than 2.0 device.

Using microphones and cameras, and other similar devices are presumed plugged. Commonly, all devices are coming with ports for USB due to which the setup and the compatibility are easier. Do you know that the maximum length that is approved for USB 2.0 is 16 feet but know for USB 3.0 it is 9 feet. What is meant by this? This means that all speakerphones, microphones, and cameras will need an extension for USB. 2.0 USB can be widespread up to cat-5 and the SIIG, ICRON, and other products are worked very well. Experience with USB 2.0 is actually being good since past. It is sadly said that People experience with USB 3.0 is not very good. 3.0 USB extensions have been failed due to many reasons including faulty chips, failed units and brittle cables made of fibers. So, what is the best 3.0 USB extension? To answer the best solution to this question, we have to go back to our true SDI means serial digital interface. It is analogous cabling. Many professional video audio engineers are returning to SDI-HD cable and utilizing an SDI-HD to USB shape digitizer for converting the signals into 3.0 USB at the electronics devices.

SDI cabling:

It is used for the past 30 years. It is also as Co-Ax cabling. It is very prevalent due to its good efficiency. SDI-HD to 3.0 USB shape digitizer or the capture cards is actually energized over the 3.0 USB connection they need to a Mac or a pc. Frame digitizers and capture cards are usually used for video production and live streaming. But now it is used for SDI-HD HDMI substance into World Wide Web-based video conferencing PC/MAC computers or software’s. As time passes, other means such as Ethernet cables like cat-6, 7 and cat-5 are used in high-quality films, transferring low latent periods and for software connections through virtual input. Unlike the serial digital interface, Ethernet cables are used to power up devices like PTZOptics conferencing cameras to Poe. Ethernet cables can likewise be utilized to control the many devices like zoom, tilt and PTZOptics conferencing cameras pan.

RTSP is assembled in many cameras such as PTZOptics. RTSP stands for real-time streaming protocol and NDI is the abbreviation for network device interface.  NDI is made by NewTek to make the communications better in good quality videos. The frame is accurate and is appropriate for shift in live streaming atmosphere.


As mentioned above, experience with 3.0 USB is not so good. Many professional video audio engineers are returning to SDI-HD. Nowadays, videotaping over IP is a big deal. Not only our time will be saved also our money will be saved. Ethernet cables will supply video, camera control, and power. So consider your choices and choose wisely.

Best AUX Cables Reviewed

  1. iXCC 3-ft Tangle-Free Male to Male 3.5mm:

This is the best and the shortest auxiliary cable on this list of best aux cables. IXCC offers great audio and promises to keep the distortion levels to the minimum through the gold platted connectors. Also it is a multi-use cable as it can be easily used with devices too. It is not only for car usage and you can pair it up with your Apple or Samsung devices, along with your MP3 players too easily. This 3-ft tangle free aux cable is the best pick for everyone who wishes to get great levels of audio flexibility while driving.

The metal connectors are long lasting which means that you don’t have to a new aux cable now and then. The jack is extremely flexible as it slim design makes it easier to fit into tighter spaces too. This is a major perk for this cable as many great aux cables fail to become the best due to their thick connectors. Furthermore, the fact that this is a tangle-free cable is amazing as tangled cables can be very frustrating. You also get a 2 year warranty; so what else would anyone look further for in an auxiliary cable?

The second best aux cable is the Anker 3.5mm premium cable and it is one of the most widely used and appreciate aux cables for cars. It is compatible with an array of devices which means that you can pair it up with your iPod, iPhone, laptop, Android devices and tablets too. The length of the cable is 4ft and the format is 3.5mm. The cable can easily reach the port, no matter where you are sitting in the car.

The connectors are 24k gold plated which ensure a very high quality, premium sound quality. These contacts are discovered in high end headphone brands like Bose. Moreover, the aux cable is highly long lasting which makes it a great cable to invest in. The connectors are also slim fit which means that they can easily fit into tighter spaces too.

  • AUX Cable iVanky 3.5mm:

The third spot is reserved by the iVanky cable and it deserves to be on this list for sure. The excellent compatibility of this aux cable is unquestionable as it pairs up with multiple devices. If you like your laptop’s playlist and you are bored with the music that is playing in the car; you can pair your laptop with the aux cable with ease. From Echo Dot to iPod or iPhones and laptops or notebook; iVanky is compatible with all devices.

The 15,000+ bend lifespan is one of the highest that any aux cable is offering right now in the market which certainly makes this one a winner. The pure copper shell promises to deliver a crisp and wonderful sound quality, without any distortions, that anyone can fall in love to.

  • Monster Cable AI 800 Mini-7:

If you have a lot of demands that you wish your aux cable could fulfill, then the Monster is certainly for you. It lets you listen to podcasts, listen to your favorite music or enjoy the radio through any media playing source that you want to. The conductors of this aux cable are dual balanced which offer a much enhanced audio quality. The cable is 7ft long and the contacts are gold plated which ensure great connection. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wishes for a flexible aux cable. Monster has it all for you!

  • Amazon Basics 3.5mm Male to Male Cable:

The two terms, Affordable and long lasting, sum up the Amazon Basics3.5mm aux cable the best. It is 4ft long and if you want a longer cable, then you can opt for the updated version which is 8ft. Amazon offers a one year warranty for the cable too and you can connect the cable with simply any media device easily. It is gold plated thus it offers a distortion free audio experience. Also the coiled design is lovable as it promotes a tangle free cable.

  • Poweradd Nylon Braided 3.5mm Cable:

Poweradd Nylon Braided cable has universal compatibility and the 35mm format makes it easy to pair it up with simply any media playing device. It has excellent and long lasting lifespan and the aluminum connectors ensure a smooth and friction-free insert of the cable with any device. The best part about Poweradd cable is that it comes with a two year warranty and offers you an incredible 24/7 customer service too.

  • Aux Cable Sync Wire Audio Cord-3.5mm:

This aux cable is a magnificent pick to make if you are looking for a reliable and long lasting cable which has a universal compatibility too. With a distortion free audio quality and a great design that fits easily; this is certainly a good auxiliary cable to get your hands on. The bend lifespan is 15,000+ which is wonderful. Also their customer service is outstanding which makes them easily reachable and trustworthy too.

Best iPhone X Screen Protectors in 2019

The screen of the iPhone X is genuinely mind-blowing, and it deserves to be protected at all costs. A single crack at the screen can cost you a fortune for the rest of your life. Apple claims to manufacture the most fascinating and breath-taking displays for their mobiles; therefore, it needs to be kept safe utilizing a valuable protector.

List of Best iPhone X protectors:

The beauty of the screen of the iPhone X can only be enjoyed if the protector used is of outstanding quality. To make things easier, the following list is narrowed down that consists of the best iPhone X screen protectors of 2019:

  • Tozo Tempered Glass Screen Protector:

The Tozo Tempered Glass Screen Protector is specifically and exclusively designed for the complete protection of the screen. It has been developed in a way that it covers the entire screen which includes its curved edges too. It is very affordable and is available at for only $9. The best thing about this protector is that it is fragile. Due to its thin layering, it does not become a hurdle between the user and the screen. It will not affect the face ID or any other settings and works very effectively for your iPhone X.

  • Spigen iPhone X Screen Protector 2 pack:

Spigen is very popularly known as the most trusted brand in the name of mobile accessories. Its iPhone accessories are especially very worthy and practical. This iPhone X screen Protector is very sleekly manufactured to fit the screen very perfectly. It has a width of only 0.3 millimeters. The functionality of the screen is not altered most slightly by using the Spigen glass protector. Hence, it protects the screen from any possible cracks and is available at for only $8.

  • Maxboost iPhone X screen protector 3-pack:

This glass screen iPhone X protector by Maxboost is a complete lifesaver for the iPhone X users. It has been manufactured with such delicacy that it does not allow the user to feel that there is protector applied to the screen. It is extremely thin with a width of only 0.2 millimeters. This is one of the best glass protectors to use if you wish to save your screen from any scratches and marks. It can merely save your iPhone from any damage and is present at Amazon at the rate of only $14.

  • Trianium 3 Pack:

The incredible Glass screen protector created by Trianium is so thin and water-free that it does not let any liquid stains stay on the phone. Those can be just wiped off. The best part about this one is that it can be installed merely as clear instructions are given with it. It is also very thin and is only 0.25 mm in width. Such a sensitive thickness helps the user to interact in the best way with the phone. It is very cost effective and is readily available at with a price of only $10.